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♥nur amira natasha ♥16 years old ♥i'm just a little girl lost in the middle i'm so scare but i don't show it..i just can figure it out..its bring me home right now..and i just don't know why,,, ♥my heart is stereo is beat for you so listen close..here my thought of every note.. ♥you were there to light my day you were there to guide me through from my days down and on i'll never stop thinking of you.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

selamat tinggal 2011,,selamat datang 2012


selamat datang 2012 dan selamat tinggal 2011...fuiiihh
2012????Oh Mak Jah....SPM yoo..SPM....SIJIL PERGI MA**.....silly joke der,,,
kepada anda2 yang tudak tau ape itu spm..so silala bukak kamus dewan...almaklumla...da lame tak masok sekola katakan...so aku da tak tau na ckp ape so...sekiannn...

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